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Best Minecraft server hosting in 2022

Best Minecraft Server Hosting In 2021
Best Minecraft Server Hosting In 2022

If you are watching for good Minecraft server hosting in 2021 that will provide you with a dedicated server for a better multiplayer experience? You are in the right place!

What Is Minecraft?

A Minecraft hosting has hardware in the form of a server, through these servers you can enjoy playing Minecraft games. Minecraft hosting has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Through this, you can also host your virtual Minecraft server. This makes it easier for you to play Minecraft games.

Through Minecraft server you can create a world of your own, in this, you will decide who can play on your server and who does not. In this, you can also invite your friends and play with friends. Through this server, you can make your own rules.

What to look for in Best Minecraft Server Hosting?

There are some important things to keep in mind before purchasing any Minecraft Hosting. So that you can understand which hosting server is right for you or not. Through this post, you will understand which reason makes providers better than others.

  • Easy or instant setup:- Sometimes it can be complicated to set up servers, so choose a hosting company that can be easily set up with one click and you can play the game immediately.
  • Processor, Storage Type & Space:- The better the processor of the hosting server, the more smooth the game will run. Hosting has a very important part of the storage type and space, the better the storage type and the more space the game will run.
  • Multiple players game allowed at the same time:- If you want to make your game lag-free, then never take any hosting server that can handle less players. At least 15 players were able to play easily.
  • Game servers locations:- Before purchasing a Minecraft server hosting, it is a must to see that the server of that company should be close to your geographical location. So that the problem never comes in your connection.
  • Mods allowed and included:- Mods are very important in Minecraft, so choose a hosting server that already comes with some popular mods.
  • Minimum Minecraft Server Hosting Requirements:- As we all know, a lot of resources are required to play games, so at least one hosting server should have these: –
Minimum Req.Recommended Req.
1 CPU Core2 CPU Core
Minimum Minecraft Server Hosting Requirements

Benefits Of Running Your Own Minecraft Server

There are many advantages to running your own Minecraft server. You have the freedom to create modes, you can create your own community. You can create your own laws and also do monetization on your own server.

1. Hostinger



Key Features

  • RAM:- 2GB
  • No. of Players:- 70
  • Price (USD):- $8.95/mo
  • Control panel: Multicraft
  • DDoS protection: Yes
  • Instant setup: Yes
  • Mods allowed: Yes

Hostinger Hosting plan & price :-

RAMvCPUPrice in $
2 GB28.95
3 GB312.95
4 GB415.95
6 GB623.95
8 GB829.95
Here are some Hostinger hosting plan

Hostinger Hosting Features :-

  • In Hostinger, you are given the facility to easily install mods and plugins from the control panel itself.
  • Hostinger provides you with cloud-based automatic off-site backups. Which makes an automatic backup of your game.
  • You can change your password with Easy in Hostinger.
  • Hostinger provides mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can download it by going to Google Play Store.
  • Hostinger provides you a full-time development team.

2. Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting

Key Features

  • RAM: 1GB
  • Players: Unlimited
  • Price: from $4.49/month
  • Control panel: Multicraft 2.0
  • DDoS protection: Yes
  • Instant setup: Yes
  • Mods allowed: Yes (not on the cheapest plan)

Apex Hosting Plan & Price :-

RAMPlayersPrice in $ (per month)
1 GBUnlimited4.49
2 GBUnlimited7.49
3 GBUnlimited11.24
5 GBUnlimited18.74
6 GBUnlimited22.49
7 GBUnlimited26.24
Here are some Apex hosting plan

Apex Hosting Features :-

  • Apex Hosting gives you 24/7 servers with 99.9% uptime.
  • You get full FTP & MYSQL Database Access support in APEX Hosting.
  • Apex Hosting supports Java and Bedrock servers.
  • Apex Hosting gives you automatic backup. Which keeps your old data safe.
  • In this, you can install 200+ Modpacks in one click.
  • Get started setup in less than 5 minutes.

3. BisectHosting



Key Features

  • RAM: 1GB
  • Players: 12
  • Price: from $2.99/month
  • Control panel: Multicraft
  • DDoS protection: Yes
  • Instant setup: Yes
  • Mods allowed: Yes

BisectHosting Plan & Price :-

RAMPlayersPrice in $
1 GB122.99
2 GB245.98
4 GB4811.96
10 GB9629.90
20 GB16059.80
32 GB16095.68
Here are some Bisecthosting plan

BisectHosting Features :-

  • BisectHosting offers DDOS protection for uninterrupted MC game playing.
  • You get support of Free MySQL in BisectHosting.
  • BisectHosting provide support for custom JARs so you can add manual JARs
  • They offer full root access and full FTP access.
  • BisectHosting comes with SSD storage. Also, they provide unlimited SSD space.
  • You can choose the best server in the nearest location for the best gaming experience.
  • The control panel of Minecraft Server in BisectHosting is very easy to use.


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2. BlueHost:- Bluehost New Year Hosting Offers, Deals, And Coupons 2021:- Happening Soon!

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4. ScalaCube


scalacube hosting

Key Features

  • RAM: 768MB
  • Players: 10
  • Price: from $2.50/month
  • Control panel: Custom
  • DDoS protection: Yes
  • Instant setup: Yes
  • Mods allowed: Yes

Scalacube Plan & Price :-

PlayersRAMPrice in $
10768 MB2.5
201.5 GB5
403 GB10
704.5 GB13
1006 GB18
1508 GB24
22512 GB36
30016 GB48
60032 GB96
Here are some ScalaCube hosting plan

Scalacube Hosting Features :-

  • ScalaCube gives full access to use all the files.
  • It offers to use MY SQL for free to MCGames.
  • ScalaCube gives you a free domain name for Minecraft players with unlimited slots for MC Gamers.
  • It provides a 4-server. This server helps monitor your online players.
  • ScalaCube gives you an offsite automatic backup. Which keeps your data safe.

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