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The phone can explode like a bomb, do you even charge your mobile like this?

Smartphone Charging Tips: Many people’s phones never turn on after putting them on charge. At the same time, some phones even explode, it is not due to any external disturbance. Rather it happens in the phone due to some of our bad habits. Especially because of the habits related to charging, this would have happened.

There have been many incidents of smartphone battery exploding or phone catching on fire. In most such cases, the fault lies with the consumers. In some cases there is a fault in the smartphone unit, but in most cases such accidents happen due to the fault of the consumers. Some of our habits can be the reason for such accidents.

For example, it is a habit of many people to use the phone while charging. This habit can cost you heavily. At the same time, leaving the phone in charging for hours is also common for many users.

Due to any such habit, you can have many disadvantages. We will talk about some such points. First of all, we should understand the process of charging the phone.

Many people’s phones get hot while charging and it is normal for this to happen. Because a lot of heat is released from the battery at the time of charging the phone. But many accidents happen due to overheating. In these accidents, there is a loss of the phone. Sometimes users also become victims of this.

Charging phone for a long time

If you are also among such people who charge the phone for hours, then an accident can happen to you too. These days power disconnect option is available in many phones, but it is not there in all handsets.

This feature is available only in expensive phones. In such a situation, if you charge your phone for hours, then a lot of heat will be released. This makes your handset more likely to damage the motherboard.

In some cases, the phone also explodes. As soon as the phone is put on charging, it shows us the estimated time and at that time we should remove our phone from the charger.

Playing games while charging

This process is also included in the habit of many people. We should avoid doing this. Because a lot of heat is emitted from the phone in both the process of playing games and charging.

In such a situation, if you do both things together, then the phone may overheat. If an accident happens in this situation, then the phone will be in your hand and you can get injured in it.

Use any charger

Many people have a habit that they charge their phone with any adapter or charger. Doing this is like trying to damage the phone directly. Every smartphone comes with different charging capacity.

Some support 25W charging and some 150W. In such a situation, charging your phone with any charger can cost you dearly. It would be better if you use the supported charger of the phone only.

Talking about charging

Many people keep talking on the call by putting the phone on charge. To do so is to invite the accident directly. Because a lot of heat comes out of the phone while charging and the phone gets hot even during calling. By doing both together, the temperature of the phone increases rapidly. Many times accidents happen in such a situation.

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