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Stock to Buy: A stock with solid fundamentals can give profits, you can bet for this target

Stock to Buy: The first trading session of the week i.e. on Monday, the stock market started with a fall, but later there was a strong recovery in the stock market. The Sensex has a gain of 250 points, while the Nifty index is trading beyond the level of 17600. PSU banks are outperforming in today’s trading session. In such a situation, investors have many great options to invest money. To invest in the stock market, you can buy on the advice of market experts. Market expert Sandeep Jain has selected a strong stock to invest in the market and has advised to bet here. Amidst ups and downs in the market, profit can be earned by investing money in this stock.

Advice to invest in this stock

Market expert Sandeep Jain has chosen HG Infra Eng for purchase and has advised investors to invest money in this stock. Expert said that this company is based in Rajasthan and is known for its strong order book. According to experts, this company is working since 2003.

HG Infra Eng – Buy

  • CMP – 612.57
  • Target – 690/725

The expert said that the company had its first A+ rating, which has now been updated to AA+. It is an infra sector company and is working with less debt. Expert said that this company works on cheap fundamentals and the company has also got the support of the government’s infra push in the budget. read also – Indore News: Now the addresses in Indore will be digital

How are the fundamentals of the company

The stock trades at a PE multiple of 10. Apart from this, there is a return on equity of 30.5%. At the same time, promoters have shareholdings around 74 percent. Apart from this, the share of domestic and foreign investors is also around 15 percent. read also – Queen’s residence in London: 775 rooms, 40 thousand bulbs, such is Queen Elizabeth’s royal palace of Rs 341 billion

The CAGR of profit for the last 3 years is 44 percent and the CAGR of sales is 30 percent. All quarters have been good since March 2021. In June 2021, the company had presented a profit of Rs 101 crore, while in June 2022 the company presented a profit of Rs 109 crore.

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