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Indore News: Now the addresses in Indore will be digital

Indore:- Indore is going to become the first city in India to have a digital addressing system. For this, the Smart City Company is going to take important steps today. The MoU will be signed by Smart City CEO Rishab Gupta with address navigation at 2.15 pm. This MoU will be signed at Smart Seed Incubation Center City Bus Office Campus.

Under the MoU, all government departments emergency services like ambulances, fire brigade, police, will use this app. This address app will be used for banking geotagging with e-KYC etc. Address will also be integrated in all departments. Developed a patented advanced technology in Address Navigation App. It has partnered with ISRO to create a digital addressing system for the country. Read More:-Queen’s residence in London: 775 rooms, 40 thousand bulbs, such is Queen Elizabeth’s royal palace of Rs 341 billion

The Address app is actually a short and unique code. Like Kumar 100 and Singh 221 or similar would be the preferred code. With this, your Jio taking location will be reached. On this app you can enter full text address, property pictures, landmarks etc. Also you can record the direction. This will eliminate the problem of calling again and again to provide the address and the visitors will be able to find the address easily.

The biggest advantage of this is that instead of sharing your long and complicated address in the future, you can just share a short code. Rajat Jain of Address Navigation and his team hope that the people of Indore will keep up their spirit of being number one and become a part of Indore, the number one digital address city revolution.

Will be free

Address App is a free platform. Using this parcel delivery companies will reach the right location. Last mile reach for e-commerce will be possible through address and the benefit of low fuel consumption will be passed on to the delivery people and this app will play a vital role in reducing the pollution level of Indore city. The address will also work for drone delivery. Read More:- What is the first thing doctors do at a trauma center after an accident, says AIIMS surgeon

Every year there is a loss of 75 thousand crores

According to the report, at present, India suffers a loss of 75 thousand crore rupees every year due to its addressing system. Address Navigation has recently partnered with ISRO to create a powerful digital addressing system for the country, in the presence of Prime Minister Modi to reduce this loss and streamline the addressing system. This is a powerful step towards realizing the dream of self-reliant India. This alliance will benefit rural India by providing credit, seeds, technical facilities etc. to the rural population.

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