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Special plan made for cheap 5G service, Airtel started preparations, you will get a lot in less cost!

5G Recharge Plan: For 5G service, you will have to spend more money than 4G. Keeping in mind the price sensitive market like India, companies have started working on affordable options. Airtel and Reality are working on this, so that consumers can get cheap 5G service. Let us know its details.

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5G services are going to start in India soon. According to telecom companies, 5G service will start in major cities of the country in October. The suspense still remains regarding the cost of 5G service. Telecom operators have not given any concrete information regarding the price of recharge plans.

However, many hints related to recharge plans have definitely been received. It is certain that for 5G, consumers will have to spend more money than for 4G. The question is, how much is too much?

Telecom operators are trying to reduce this excess. For this, smartphone brands and telecom companies are engaged in collaborating with each other.

What is the company’s plan?

According to the report of ET, telecom and smartphone companies are engaged in collaboration with each other, so that affordable 5G experience can be given. This information has been given by quoting the handset maker and industry executives. They believe that simply subsidizing the device and offering a 5G connection will not be enough.

Companies are working on other plans. Under this, consumers can get a bundle of features like unlimited data, OTT services and gaming in just one recharge. Read Also:- The phone can explode like a bomb, do you even charge your mobile like this?

Madhav Seth, CEO of Realme India, says that the company is working with Bharti Airtel. The brand is currently planning for the C-series phones.

Realme and Airtel are working

He said, ‘We are also working with telecom companies on testing 5G services as well as bundle offers for consumers. We have started this for our C-series phones with Airtel.

“This includes data add-ons, cashback and other things. Any Airtel user can avail a discount of Rs 750 on the purchase of Realme C30. Read Also:- Hero HF Deluxe i3s bike you can also bring home by paying just 8 thousand rupees

What are the plans of other brands?

Realme says that it is working on the same strategy for other smartphones as well. Other smartphone brands Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Samsung have not announced any such partnership.

According to previous reports, smartphone brands had said that they are working with telcos on various user cases. In the future, we may get to see 5G smartphones with a bundle of 5G services. There is not much information on how these bundles will be.

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