Tips For Tyre Longer Life On Bike

Tyers are among the most crucial components of a bike and it is quite important to ensure that they are in a healthy state of use.

Here are some tips to ensure longer tyre life on your motercycle

Check wheel Alignmrny

Check the alignment of both wheels because poor alignment might reduce the life of your bike's tyers.

Avoid Off-Roading

When driven off-road, tires typically lose their tread sooner. When feasible, take the routes that are generally better maintained.

Park under a shade

Keep your bike parked under the shade and never under direct sunlight. Heat tends to accelerate the wear and tear process of rubber and thus reduce the overall tyre life.

Maintain the right tyre pressure

Make sure to read the operating manual for your bike to get the precise PSI for the Front and rear tyres, and then keep them at that pressure.