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What is the first thing doctors do at a trauma center after an accident, says AIIMS surgeon

If you are sick you go to the hospital. Get your treatment from the doctor related to the disease. If someone has a serious illness and if needed, then an operation is also done. Surgeons perform operations. That is, usually when we get sick, we get treatment from two types of doctors. First a general practitioner and second a surgeon. But there is another type of doctor called trauma surgeon. Now the question is, who are trauma surgeons and what is the difference between a surgeon and a trauma surgeon?

We found the answer to this question in your favorite Shaw guest in the newsroom. Where this week’s guest was AIIMS trauma surgeon Amit Gupta.

Difference between trauma surgeon and surgeon

Trauma surgeons are also a type of surgeon. When a doctor becomes a surgeon, he is given special training. In this training, treatment of injured, accident patients is taught. Explaining this thing with example, Dr. Amit Gupta said that,

Suppose if a person gets into an accident and he gets injured. In such a situation, the normal surgeon will not treat that person. That patient will be admitted to the Direct Trauma Center. Here first aid will be given to the patient. After this it will be known which injuries the patient has suffered which are life-threatening. After this the work of doctors starts in the same direction. Efforts are made to handle the patient in a better way. Read More:- Queen’s residence in London: 775 rooms, 40 thousand bulbs, such is Queen Elizabeth’s royal palace of Rs 341 billion

Clarifying this further, Dr. Gupta said that, suppose a patient is brought to a trauma center and he is in a state of unconsciousness. In such a situation, the most common is the air passage i.e. the risk of blockage of the respiratory tract. There can be many other problems with this. Like the back of our tongue. Whatever is the same or acid in the stomach, it can go into the lungs. In such a situation, it is most important that the patient keeps breathing.

After this comes the turn of the lungs. It is tried to find out how much injury has happened in the lungs. There is a third thing to note. Bleeding. Whatever it is, it is very important to control it as soon as possible. It is controlled through IV line and IV fluid. Trauma surgeon does all this work. Read More:- Special plan made for cheap 5G service, Airtel started preparations, you will get a lot in less cost!

Dr. Gupta says that if there is a gap anywhere in this whole process, that is, if this process is not followed, then it cannot be called a trauma center. That is, there is a systematic operation in the trauma center which is necessary for the complete recovery of the patient.

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