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What is The full form of India: India full form meaning, definition, about

India is also known as Hindustan and Bharat. People of all religions live in India, so it comes at number 2 in the world in terms of population. India comes at number 7 in the world in terms of area. India was earlier also called indus after the name of the river indus and India is a democratic see where many languages ​​are spoken and written. All religions have equal rights in India.

I :-Independent
N :-National
D :-Democratic
I :-Intelligent
A :-Area
I :-Independent
N :-Nation
D :-Declared
I :-In
A :-August

A brief details of India :-

  • Position of India according to the world map is :- 28°36.8′N 77°12.5′E
  • Capital of India :- New Delhi
  • Indian Official Languages is :- Hindi English
  • Indian Currency :- Indian Rupee
  • Indian Time Zone :- UTC+ 05:30
  • Total Area of India :- 3,287,263 km2
  • Total Population(2018 Estimate) :- 1,352,642,280
  • Total GDP Of India(2022 Estimate) :- 11.745 Trillion
  • Religions in India :-
    • 79.8% Hinduism
    • 14.2% Islam
    • 2.3% Christianity
    • 1.7% Sikhism
    • 0.7% Buddhism
    • 0.4% Jainism
    • 0.23% Unaffiliated
    • 0.65% Others

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Internet > FunniesINearlyDelayInAction
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Community > ReligionIfNecessaryDivinityIsAvailable
Country > ReligionIndependentNationDeclaredInAugust
Governmental > LegislationIndependentNationalDemocraticIntelligentArea
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Community > DevelopmentIntegratedNationalDevelopmentImpactingAll
Miscellaneous > FunniesIntelligentNationDevelopingInAll fields
Country > FunniesInterNationalDefenseInAsia

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